EFT Express Basic


Bundle includes:

  • EFT Express
  • CuteFTP 9 (5)
  • EFT Express Auditing & Reporting Module (ARM)
  • EFT SFTP (SSH2) Module

M&S options:

  • M & S [Basic] - EFT Express Basic - $279.75 -Designed for small to mid-sized organizations that need only break/fix and Web-based support during normal business hours
  • M & S [Professional] - EFT Express Basic - $373.00 - Designed for growing businesses that would benefit from deployment configurations, migration and best practices advice, as well as live (telephone) support from support engineers. 
  • M & S [Premier] - EFT Express Basic - $559.50 - Designed for mid-sized to large organizations that require fast access to support resources with 24x7 support available for critical issues, as well as priority response handling and resolution from a senior technical team.